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Vismanpharmed Pharmaceutical Company

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Acceptance of all kinds of drug and equipment orders

Visman Company will provide the medicines you need as well as rare medicines.

Committed to the highest quality

We guarantee and are committed to the quality of our pharmaceutical products.

Delivery service

The possibility of ordering pharmaceutical products and medical equipment anywhere in Iran from VismanPharmed.

our services

This collection is under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education and with the most experienced staff in the field of drug diagnosis and evaluation, commerce and marketing, it has directly imported pharmaceutical products.

Drug importation

Visman Pharmed Company is active in the field of supply of all kinds of drugs and is always trying to solve the country’s drug needs and shortages.


Importing pharmaceutical equipment and supplies

VismanPharmed company cooperates with large companies with experienced experts in the field of providing advanced medical equipment and pharmaceutical supplies.


Import of pharmaceutical raw materials

Visman Pharmed Company is a pioneer in the field of supplying pharmaceutical raw materials and cooperates with major companies in the world in this field.


Different departments of the company

Supply and procurement department

A network of processes, so that their final goal is to provide goods and includes suppliers, manufacturers, distributors who work together harmoniously and coherently.

Business development department

The person in charge of business support is the person who is responsible for supervising the daily business activities in the company

Sales and marketing department

Sales includes the operation and sale of goods or services, and marketing includes the process or method of advertising, selling, and distributing a product or service.

Financial sector

He is responsible for managing and dealing with all financial issues including planning, organizing, reporting and VAT and other legal issues

About us

Visman Pharmed company was founded by a group of pharmaceutical and commercial experts to attract, develop and provide complete and integrated products to its customers and partners…


A large subsidiary company

Working with more than 9 countries

Completed projects

Partner companies